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Back in the day, shopping for jewellery used to be time consuming and romantic. Sipping on a glass of champagne while you picked out an expensive watch, necklace or even a ring. Whilst that is still a popular way to shop for jewellery there have been a number of things that have impacted this within the jewellery industry – the main reason being technology. It is so important for any business now to have a reliable and safe e-commerce platform, with the help of IT Support Scotland.

Evolution of the Internet

The internet had disrupted almost every industry in the modern world. The first point to consider is globalisation. The internet allows people and businesses to connect and communicate from all over the world which means consumers can also purchase goods from all over the world – known as e-commerce.  E-commerce has proven a popular way to shop. Being able to purchase goods from your home, avoiding transport, parking, bad weather and rude shop assistants. Brands are trying to bring in-store experiences to online with the help of IT support Scotland. Testing and introducing new technologies to consumers makes the fashion and retail industry more exciting than ever before.


Time Poor

Consumers lifestyles have changed dramatically over the last 60-70 years. Woman are working more than ever before, people are working longer days, commuting longer as cities become more and more expensive, working unsociable hours..the list goes on! Therefore people are more time poor and would rather spend their free time spending it with loved ones rather than traipsing around the shops. Most consumers these days would much rather shop online when they get a chance. However there is still of number of consumers who would still love ‘experiential’ shopping where they spend a considerable amount of time in store with the sales assistant picking an item.

Consumption Habits

Consumption has shifted in the last few years. With the introduction of social media, people prefer to share their experiences rather than things – therefore meaning people are hosing to spend their money on travel rather than on tangible goods. Expensive jewellery is also mainly consumed on special occasions rather than to just treat yourself.


With IT Support and evolving technology, jewellery brands are getting hit negatively. However there are positives. They can create interesting designs using CAD, deliver online customer service on their website and target a specific market through social media and fashion influences.

it support scotland

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