Scotland Wedding Bands

If you’re on the journey of planning your wedding day then congratulations! I imagine you’ll need some kind words and a large glass of wine. We’re here to talk you through some of the biggest parts of a wedding, hopefully, it won’t feel daunting! There are some key things that go into wedding planning, from the jewellery you wear as a bride to the Scotland wedding bands that might play your first dance. Everything needs to be planned, from the bulky overheads to the finer details.  The best thing to do is to write a very detailed list and give yourself deadlines for each thing to be completed.

Read on and find out how to book your Scotland wedding bands and find the perfect flattering jewellery just in time for your big day.

The Best Wedding Jewellery

At the moment, there are some key trends to remember if you’re looking for jewellery to match your wedding dress. The type of dress you will wear will greatly impact the style of jewellery that will match it. If you are wearing a detailed, floral dress then you should go for sleek, minimalist jewellery. Vintage glamour is also very on trend right now so try a pearl necklace or earrings to get the look just right.

Scotland Wedding Bands

Where To Find Great Scotland Wedding Bands

When it comes to finding a great wedding band in Scotland, you can often feel overwhelmed as there are so many talented groups on the market. Our handy tip for you is to check out band management agencies like Elite Bands who hold showcase days and have so many ways for you to find the perfect band for you. This takes some of the hassles out of doing the work all by yourself.

Make The Most Of Your Venue

The venue is probably the most important part of your day. You will need to decide where you are holding your ceremony and then where you are holding your dinner and evening reception. We recommend finding a venue that can do an all-in-one. This will mean your daytime guests do not need to travel around to all of your different venues and will save you money on cars taking the bridal party to the different locations. You could even use a hotel so guests can retreat to their room whenever needed. Talk to your local hotels as some may be willing to offer a discount if many guests are booking in with them for the occasion.

Scotland Wedding Bands

Enjoy Yourself!

It’s maybe not on everyone’s To Do list but it’s probably the most important part! You’ve got to remember that this is going to be one of the best days of your life, so don’t wish away the planning stages, make the most of them! Have the time of your life trying on your dress, tasting the cake and listening to the Scotland wedding bands.