Property Repair

Something you may never have realised is that damage to your property could result in damage to your favourite jewellery. Essential property repair should be carried out with urgency to ensure you cause no damage to your beloved jewellery. Everything from damp to sunlight can have an effect on your necklaces or bracelets so make sure to speak to a specialist as soon as possible to get your problems fixed.

Find out now how property repair could save your jewellery.

Abrasive Surfaces Can Damage Jewellery

In many homes, damage to the property results in rough abrasive surfaces. This can be on the walls or fittings. However, this can cause scratching and scuffing of your jewellery. Scratches are hard to repair on jewellery and would need to be looked at by a professional.

Fix your abrasive surfaces as best as possible by plastering or finding another property repair solution.

Property Repair

Water Can Cause Permanent Damage

Another problem that can cause jewellery damage is damp or leaking water. Water can cause permanent damage to jewellery, particularly if it is made of a softer material. You need to ensure jewellery is not retained in a damp area. For your health, it is best to get damp areas looked at as soon as possible.

Do Not Leave Jewellery In Direct Sunlight

Sunlight is another factor that can affect the look of your favourite piece of jewellery. Some metals like silver can be tarnished by direct sunlight. Some gemstones like opals can fade or change colour in the heat. If you have a broken window or blinds, make sure not to keep your jewellery in the line of the sunlight. Even if you do not need any property repair, always avoid wearing your favourite jewellery in the sunshine.

Chemical Damage Can Discolour Jewellery

Avoiding property repair can often result in individuals having to bleach and clean certain areas of their home multiple times. The chemicals in these products can really damage your jewellery. Wear thick marigolds or take off all jewellery before using cleaning chemicals or any products of this kind.

Property Repair

Property Repair And Jewellery Care

The best thing to do is to keep up to date with both your property repair and your jewellery care. Speak to a professional like Richardson & Starling if you have any damp or structural issues. If you are worried about your jewellery, visit a reputable jeweller and find out if they have any advice for you.


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