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There are many different types of jewellery found all over the world which all have different meanings attached. Jewellery from Scotland comes in many forms and also have many meanings that go with them. Jewellery was worn thousands of years ago all over the world. People wore jewellery for a number of reasons such as to show authority, to have good luck or even to keep away illnesses. Jewellery then became symbols to show commitment to people which is why rings became traditional for marriage and also why rings tend to be matching.

Traditional Symbols Made into Jewellery from Scotland

As well as Scotland being well known for wearing tartan, they are also well known for their jewellery taken from symbols. Scotland’s coat of arms is popular as pieces of jewellery such as broaches. The coat of arms is made up of things unique to Scotland such as a shield, lion and unicorns. Many people see this as fashion to wear broaches with the coat of arms on it. The unicorn is used as it is a mythical creature and Scotland is known for their interesting ancient myths across the world. The unicorn has been used on the coat of arms since the   12th century. The unicorn also symbolises power and joy. The thistle is another symbol of Scotland as it has been the national flower since the 12th century. This thistle is a common piece of jewellery that is associated with Scotland, it can be found on jewellery from broaches, necklaces to rings.

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Jewellery Found in Scotland Leading to Tattoos

As well as the coat of arms and the thistle there are also other types of jewellery that are found in Scotland. The Celtic knot is one other type of jewellery found today as pendants on necklaces, bracelet charms and on rings. There are a number of different meanings of the Celtic Knot but the most popular meanings suggest that it stands for loyalty, faith, friendship as well as love. Although people are purchasing this type of jewellery also people are getting it tattooed because of the meanings behind it. Another well-known type of jewellery is by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  The famous designer was well known for his work on stain glass windows with incorporations of roses and colour. The roses from the window also became pendants on jewellery and also became tattoos for some people as they love the design so much.


Where Jewellery In Scotland was First Worn

Jewellery in Scotland has been around for thousands of years and has been worn form many different reasons. In medieval times gold and silver jewellery were for the rich and the royal. Whereas for the poorer people they had to use metals to make their jewellery.

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