ear piercings that provide health benefits

If you suffer from migraines a lot then you should consider the types of ear piercings that provide health benefits. Many people find it hard to believe that something as simple as a piercing can help rid migraines, however, more and more people are trying this theory and believe it actually does help. Migraines are a type of more severe headaches that many people experience all over the world. However, piercings could be the cure for you to get rid of migraines for good or help at least to reduce the symptoms.


Type of Ear Piercings that Provide Health Benefits


Ears are very sensitive due to the amounts of nerves and cartilage they are made up of. Many people who suffer from migraines have decided to try out a daith piercing. Daith piercings are located inside the ear around the cartilage fold area. This piercing is believed to help against migraines because some people felt that acupuncture worked well for them and are looking for long-lasting results. Acupuncture is a therapy which originated from China where needles are put in certain points of the skin to relieve pain. Daith piercings can be suited to people who feel acupuncture works well for them as the earring would be put in place where the needle would go. This can help migraines as the earring would act as an acupuncture technique.

ear piercings that provide health benefits reduce migraines

Jewellery to Get For Ear Piercing


There are many different types of jewellery you can get for daith piercings. The most popular types are the hooped piercing or the straight bar. There are many different types to choose from with a range of different lengths and colours as well as shapes. However, the simpler the earring is the easier it is to clean the piercing and take care of it. The best way to look after your piercing is to ensure it doesn’t get any dirt around it and you should soak it in saline solution to keep it clean to ensure the healing process goes smoothly.

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Different Treatments for Migraines


If you are allergic to jewellery or do not want a piercing, there are also many different ways and treatments to deal with migraines. Medicines and headache relief pills are a great way to help get rid of migraines however this may not be the best option for someone who gets frequent migraines. Botox is another treatment to prevent migraines.

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