One of the biggest worries people have when getting ready is how to choose the right jewellery for their outfits. Having the right gemstones, materials or type can totally change the look of your outfit. Each person’s style is so individual. Some people prefer big bold pieces. Some prefer simple, understated glamour. No matter the style, we have found six of the best tips for coordinating your jewellery with your outfit.

Read on to find out how to make that outfit shine.

Make Sure Your Jewellery Matches The Occasion

You will need to think about whether your jewellery matches the occasion. For work, it’s probably best not to go for body chains and jangly bracelets. These look fantastic in the club, however! Just consider what is appropriate and will look stylish with your normal outfits.

Jewellery Can Match Your Skin Tone Too

Many people don’t consider that they should match their jewellery to their skin tone. Silver is a great metal for illuminating most natural tones. Gold, however, is better suited to darker hair and matte skin. Those with cooler skin tones can choose complementing colours of red, purple and blue as their gemstones. Warmer skin tones should pair with yellow, orange and green.

Decide Whether The Jewellery Is To Complement Or To Stand Out

A big choice to make is whether your jewellery is going to be a statement or not. If you want your top to be the main event then stick to more muted jewellery. If you have a bold, bright necklace you want to show off then stick to simpler tops.

Make Sure Your Rings Match Your Nails

It has become bang on trend to have stacking rings and different types of rings across your fingers. Try and make sure the metal and gemstone match both your outfit and your nail polish. Little details like this can really pull an outfit together.

Think About The Material Of The Jewellery As Well

Jewellery is so varied. You can get pieces made of wood, plastic and glass as well as metal. Find the material that works best with your style. For more bohemian looks wood might work, but for professional office environments metal is the best choice.

Combine Busy With Simple

Our last tip for today is to make sure you don’t have too much going on. If you have a heavily patterned top then detailed costume jewellery is going to get lost in the fabric. Best to choose for one or the other to be detailed or patterned. The same goes for the texture of your outfit. Frilly and ruffled clothes should be paired with simple pieces.

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