CO2 Sensors

CO2 Monitoring

CO2 monitoring has become a crucial element of society thanks to climate change. There has unquestionably been a considerable push towards raising awareness of the effect which climate change is having on our planet. However there has not been enough attention paid to the critical part cO2 levels can have on employee morale and productivity. There is now a need for employers to consider CO2 sensors being introduced to their workplaces.

Need For CO2 Sensors

Naturally, humans breathing causing one kilogram of CO2 is a daily occurrence. Inevitably, when you put a considerable amount of people into the same place CO2 levels will obviously grow. In well ventilated workplaces this is not a problem. However, if there is a lack of windows or ventilation then it is inevitable that this can become a considerable problem. It is crucial for employers to introduce CO2 sensors into their workplaces to ensure they take the necessary steps to prevent employees coming down with sick building syndrome.

CO2 Sensors

Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome is a common illness which can be a result of increased CO2 in the workplace. It can have serious effects on workers and drastically reduce the quality of their work. The first type of discomfort CO2 saturation can cause is headaches. Headaches can seriously affect employee concentration levels as the discomfort can cause employees to stop focussing on their work as they feel sorry for themselves and lose motivation to complete tasks due to their discomfort.

CO2 Sensors

Furthermore, CO2 saturation can cause irritation of the nose, eyes and throat. This can cause considerable dips in the quality of work produced by employees. In some physical jobs workers are required to have precision when nailing wood or when completing the building of someone’s house. Eye irritation can greatly hinder productivity and the quality of work produced if the person is struggling with their eyesight due to blurred vision or irritated eyes which can be caused by over saturation of CO2 levels. Furthermore, in many jobs it is of paramount importance for employees to be able to verbally communicate with ease. This can range from jobs as a receptionist or a salesman on the phones. In many jobs it is crucial for employees to be able to make presentations to the best of their abilities. It can drastically hinder the performance of an employee if he/she is being forced to give a presentation with a sore throat due to CO2 saturation in the office. The employee will have a throat which is under considerable pain and will struggle to find their flow throughout any presentations.

CO2 Sensors

CO2 Saturation

Furthermore, CO2 saturation can have a significant impact on employees’ sense of balance. It can result in serious dizziness and nausea. This can result in employees being forced to take considerable time off their work until they feel back to normal. Employees may attempt to work through it but the reality is that the quality of work produced will not meet the expected standards of their employer.

CO2 Sensors

CO2 Sensors Benefits

Therefore, it is of paramount importance for companies to ensure they have several CO2 sensors installed around their office. This helps prevent CO2 levels reaching an unhealthy level which can drastically effect employee performance and ultimately cost the company more money than if they were to invest in CO2 sensors to avoid the problem of CO2 saturation in office environments.