Chakra jewellery is an ancient type of jewellery that is steeped in history. It is said that it has been worn in India for many centuries at least. The jewellery is said to have healing powers. Each chakra refers to an energy that is flowing through your body. Each of these 7 chakras is related to specific colours and therefore the gemstones which contain these colours. There are many places online to find high-quality chakra jewellery but the best pieces will be handmade by craftsmen and women who know the culture well.

Read on to find out more about chakra jewellery and its suggested valuable healing powers.

1.     The Crown Chakra – White Gems

Located at the top of any chart referring to a person’s chakras, the crown chakra refers to a person’s spirituality. This chakra is said to help you feel connected physically, mentally, and emotionally as well as spiritually.

Gemstones that could be used for this chakra include pearl and also quartz crystal.

2.     The Third Eye Chakra – Purple Gems

The third eye chakra is sometimes known as the brow chakra due to its positioning. It is focused on a person’s mental power. This could mean how deeply they can understand mental concepts. It may help to make decisions and remember past events.

Gemstones for this chakra could include amethyst and lapis lazuli.

3.     The Throat Chakra – Blue Gems

This chakra is all about developing wisdom. It is the chakra for communication, calmness and being open. It may help you express your feelings and be more honest with yourself and others.

For gemstones for this chakra, look to stones like aquamarine and turquoise.

4.     The Heart Chakra – Green Gems

It is through the heart chakra that we can channel love and also receive healing for any hurt. It can help an individual to be more compassionate. This chakra could also help with creating peaceful resolutions.

A perfect gemstone for this chakra would be emerald or aventurine.

5.     The Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow Gems

The solar plexus chakra is all about self-belief and wisdom. It is said to help people see the best in bad situations and build their integrity. Furthermore, it can help to balance an individual’s ego.

Gemstones for this chakra may include citrine and topaz.

6.     The Sacral Chakra – Orange Gems

This chakra is entirely concerned with our relationships with others and with our community. It helps you to feel emotionally gratified within relationships. It is said to help with sexual expression and also creative flow.

For this gemstone, you may see tiger eye and carnelian being used.

7.     The Root Chakra – Red Gems

The final chakra is the root (or base) chakra. It is said to keep you grounded as well as help you to keep a grasp of physical reality. On top of that, it is also said to help provide stability and patience.

Gemstones for this chakra should have you see stones like garnet, ruby and also hematite.

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